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Women of Power Say YES!

“In the dark hours of Saturday morning, I saw a vision.” This happened three years ago, right after the San Bernardino, CA, mass murder. It is the story of my Cone of Power Painting.
First, I must acknowledge this horror:
On Saturday morning, at the very moment we were gathered in the Womb Wisdom Portal to womb center at the Sun-Venus conjunction, a gunman was shooting people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. This happened days after a racist killing spree at a supermarket in Kentucky, and a politically motivated bomb scare.
I am devastated by this violence and the national environment that promotes and provokes these hate crimes.
I am angry that the so-called leaders of my country and much of the world spread hate and encourage the violence.
I want to stop them!
Then I remember my power and why I am here. I remember why this group, Womb Wisdom Portal, is here.
Cone of Power by Carla Sanders web
Let me tell you a story about another Saturday morning in the aftermath of violence.
I couldn't sleep because I was cold, and I was too tired to get up for a hot bath to warm up.
As I lay awake between midnight and 1 am, I heard the words in my head “Cone of Power”. They repeated over and over.
I began to see the image of a great cone of light rising from the surface of the earth, coming to a point at a great height.
I saw at the base of the Cone of Light a circle of women, their wombs lit up. They were the source or channel of this Cone of Power.
I felt that I was in ceremony with women around the world, as I lay in this vision, my inner hearth afire, my womb lit up, my core open and breathing light.
I saw the light and the women, and many circles of women around the world lighting up, giving their energy.
I saw men surrounding the women, protecting and guarding them as they worked their magic.
I saw all the women doing healing, teaching, and coaching with women, and I saw how each healer, leader, and woman is carrying her own necessary medicine.
I saw the pain and despair, the violence and blood, war and hatred, and I knew that all of us have medicine needed to heal this suffering, and bring wholeness and fertility back to the earth.
I saw how my work with sexuality and womb wisdom is about the goddess embodied in each woman.
I saw the healers who have hurt wombs, blocked sexuality, shame, shadow, darkness, numbness where there wants to be LIGHT and FIRE!
*** You are the ones whose power is most needed now. ***
I saw how the Divine Feminine is calling of us together, working as women and men to raise that Cone of Power and link together in circles of light, all over the earth, all over the Cosmos.
I saw that she is calling Leaders, Healers, and Teachers of Divine Feminine Truth. I heard Her calling Initiators of Women and Men into the power of their medicine gifts.
As I felt the light flow though me into the Cosmic Ceremony, I saw what I have been resisting.
It is time for me to teach the Leaders and initiate the Healers.
No more hesitation. No more resistance. Now. YES.
I have been saying YES for Three Years.
Saying YES included selling the house I had lived in for 25 years.
Saying YES included a renewal of my own initiation into leadership in the Priestess Path.
Saying YES included purchasing this new land on the Beaver Pond.
Saying YES includes solitude, silence, listening...
Saying YES includes painting this iconic image of my vision, guided by the Cosmic Crone!
Saying YES includes creating this Womb Wisdom Portal to gather the women in the courtyard of the Temple.
Saying YES includes asking YOU to say YES!
Will you say YES to becoming a woman of POWER?
Art credit: "Cone of Power" by Carla Sanders