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Honoring my Ancestors this Samhain

In the Samhain season, we honor our Ancestors. I honor my DNA parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, all the way back to the beginning of time.

The Ancestry I wish to honor in this season comes through the lineages of my teachers who have taught me and healed me, my Spiritual Ancestors.

I feel such gratitude for the priestesses and medicine people who have been my guides into the Divine Feminine.

I honor the priestess of my initiation, Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming, who mentored me in the Temple of Wombn 10 Moon initiation and Orgasmic Alchemy. 

I honor my teacher Grandfather Joseph Rael, who taught me ceremony, and shared visionary teachings of the Earth and Heavens. He gave us the medicine wheel and the dance vision quests and showed how to be a true human, a medicine bag with eyes.

I honor my teachers of sexual healing and bodywork, including Nut, Hawk, Joseph Kramer, and Jeff Chaplin, along with other colleagues and mentors.

I honor ALisa Starkweather and the Priestess Path Lineage for deepening my direct experience of sisterhood and being in circle with women.

I honor my original spiritual lineage of Southern Baptist Christianity, and the farm community where I was raised. There I created a personal relationship with Divine, in the person of Yeshua, the Christ. He remains my spirit guide, my beloved masculine deity, with me in all spiritual explorations and revelations.

I honor Nature, who was my first teacher, who grounded my childhood spiritual quest firmly between the earth, water fire, air, and the vast universe represented by the Stars. You called me when I was a child, and guided my steps through life passages and teachers.

I honor so many coaches, teachers, and authors in universal law and manifesting, witchcraft and activism, permaculture and nutrition, art and astrology. They are too numerous to mention, and their number grows, for as long as I live, I will have mentors and teachers.

Ancient onesAncient Ones, by Carla Sanders

Sometimes people get on a high horse about spiritual teachers and coaches and mentors. There is a belief out there that people should not charge money for spiritual teaching or work. That granting a certificate in the Goddess is ridiculous. That we learn directly from the Divine Feminine, from the Earth, through our bodies.

We do. And we have to learn to remember how.

This Southern Baptist girl didn't know the Divine Feminine was my healer.

I just wanted my pain to stop. I needed someone to show me the way. I was a deer in the headlights at first, and then SHE dawned inside of me. She did become my teacher, authentically, in my own time, as soon as I was ready for her. Often SHE spoke through the voice of my mentors.

I know this: without my spiritual teachers, mentors, coaches – whoever was in my life at the right moment – without them, I would be dead or very, very sick. I could not have navigated my transformation alone.

I have gladly invested money with teachers and journeys and to go to ceremonies, as well as books and courses. The priestess has to eat too!

Yes, in my healing I needed embodiment, pleasure, boundaries, deep water, naked swimming, sweat, blood, orgasms, and my feet in the muddy earth. I couldn't have gotten there without teachers.

Numb, disconnected and desperate... it was the blood and mud that led me to my first teacher.

It was sweat that led me to my second.

It was the Spider who led me to become a teacher and mentor and guide for others. I charge people money for that. It is how I earn my living.

If ALL it took to embody the Divine Feminine was walking barefoot on the earth, the patriarchy would never have gotten a foot hold.

I know that patriarchy co-opting and packaging the Divine Feminine is a thing. It may be harmful. It may be blasphemy.

And ~

What if SHE has a sense of humor, and may be more amused that angry that someone is handing out certificates in her name?

A certificate could be a lifeline to a sick unto death woman or man who needs that first gasp of air before they can feel their body, and know SHE lives in them already.

I choose to believe that the Divine Feminine is stronger than all that. SHE works through all things, all circumstances, and all ways. I have to believe it, or I could not wake up and work in this world everyday.

I honor the Divine Feminine who lives through me, as me, and who reveals her truth to me in every relationship, every inspiration, every teacher, every passage from Day to Night, Summer to Winter, Life to Death.

Grandmother Spider, Snake, Eagle, Beaver, Great Blue Heron, Fish

The great circle of ancestors who have shaped me through many lifetimes.

I honor you all.

Blessed Samhain!