Honoring my Ancestors this Samhain
The Sacred Womb Gives Birth to Christ Consciousness

Dream of Protecting the Earth and all the Children

Last night I dreamed of my Mother, Nancy. My brothers and I were also in the dream as young adults.

My mother was a high school teacher, and she was 5 months pregnant. She was in a rough school, and she was being bullied by students. White blond male students.

Her pregnancy made her even more vulnerable, and her position was dangerous. She was on bed rest and also could not stop her job.

My brothers and I were worried and wanted to protect her. My father was not in the dream at all.

At some point in the dream, I knew I would have to help feed the baby, even though in the dream I had not yet been pregnant myself. There was an infant under the bed that I could nurse to help my milk come in. When my sibling was born I would be ready to feed him or her.

Galaxy Baby

As I woke I knew that my dream world had taken scenes from my real life to tell a story about the Earth.

My mother did have a dangerous pregnancy that required bed rest and resulted in a 5 month miscarriage. Her health was never the same after that, and two years later she had a hysterectomy.

In my dream, my mother represents the Earth. The baby is the life-giving, life-sustaining capacity of the Earth. My role as a woman is to put myself on the line to nurture and feed the life on Earth. My brothers represent the men and women who are tasked with defending the Earth. This would be all of us, truly.

The bullies at school, who I visualized in the dream as white supremacist master race types, are the patriarchal threats to the Earth. Their amplified persecution of a pregnant woman is also a reference to how oppression of reproductive rights for women is a symbol and symptom of the wholesale rape of the Earth.

That my mother is a image of woman past childbearing, and I in the dream am still a “maiden”, it tells me that this birthing and nurturing wisdom also belongs to the Crone and the Maiden, as well as the Woman/Mother.

This dream is a Call.

A Call and a reminder of my purpose and mission:

I am the Cosmic Crone, mentor, teacher, and initiator of women into their Womb Wisdom.

I train women and men to live in service of the Divine Feminine, and to live intimately with the Earth.

We are keepers, defenders, protectors, and lovers of the Earth.

This work begins as inner work and deep healing from the ravages of the patriarchy.

Then we step into partnership with one another and our divine Mother, Gaia, the Earth.

Come to Womb Wisdom Portal and let's do this work of deep love and transformation together.


Art credit:
“Galaxy Baby” by Carla Sanders