Vesta: Your Erotic Fire Fuels Your Sacred Purpose
Pallas Athene: Intellectual, Decisive, Strategic, and Goddess

Lilith: Embrace the Demon to Heal Trauma

Oh Lilith! You are feminine RAGE personified. 

The Divine Lilith has many faces.

She's Adam's First Wife – the one who would not submit to him.

She's Inanna's handmaiden, who lures men and gods into the temples of the sacred prostitutes.

She's known as baby killer, man emasculator, woman temptor … DEMON!

You find Lilith in the Triple Goddess – she has her maiden, mother, and crone aspects.

I see her as a permaculture goddess, because she was formed of fertile earth, rich humus, and ready to be seeded by life!

Where you find Lilith, you find rage unleashed! She is the roar of the tiger, the howl of the wolf, and the silent deadly wings of the owl.


Lilith DG

From the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince


Lilith refused to lie beneath Adam during sex, because as a Divine Being, she was equal to Man and to God. She would lie on top!

Rather than submit, she abandoned Eden and lived as an outcast. When God sent his angels to escort her back to Adam, she would not come. Her punishment was to give birth to thousands of children and see every one of them die.

Her revenge is to sneak into the homes of the god-fearing, and kill their babies in the night. She enters the dreams of men to shame them with the sin of wet dreams.

Patriarchy portrays her thus, and mythologizes her as a demon, temptress, murderer.

Lilith knows we must embrace our demonic selves to heal and mature.

Lilith knows that the birthright of our orgasm and pleasure must be reclaimed through the return of the demonized Goddess. 

Lilith stands for soul-deep integrity. Lilith knows that the patriarchy stole her goddess birthright, and she will not be silent until she wins it back.

Lilith in Astrology

Of the five Lilith points in the zodiac, I usually work with three of them in the Divine Feminine Astrology Reading:

Lilith Star, the archetype of the Demonized Goddess.

She is big, fierce, and ferocious, like a rushing storm on the horizon. She is not evil, she seeks justice for herself and the Feminine. She does not wait for permission. She will take you over and take you out if your healing requires it. Welcome her. She is power that will change your life.

Lilith Asteroid, the disowned feminine within. When the Goddess became a demon, the feminine wound broke open. Having a female body, female sexuality, female solutions to problems – all this became broken, wounded, not enough. Women had to disappear to be acceptable in society. Lilith asteroid shows you how to re-own your disown feminine power.

Black Moon Lilith is the Universal Feminine that emerges on the planet as form. She is the Great Creatrix, the original Lilith who is the mother of us all. She moves in mysterious ways. She is a vortex, a portal. Every woman alive embodies her. Where she lands in your chart points to your highest creative purpose and calling.

Lilith aspects are among the most potent for healing sexual trauma, either passed down through your family, or part of your personal story. I look for the relationship between Lilith and the planet Nessus. Nessus is a centaur who denotes a legacy of abuse and how you can break the chain. His grim message is the portal to healing.

Get to know your Liliths and Nessus.

Is abuse of any kind part of your lineage? (The answer is probably yes, because that is the human condition, alas.)

Are you taking steps to heal and restore after abuse?

The insights you receive through a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading can help you reveal what has remained hidden, find new pathways to wholeness, and integrate your healing process.

I am trained and experienced as a sexual healer and priestess. I can step into this sensitive material with you, guided by the information in your chart.

You want the Demoness as your ally in this life. Your pleasure and power require it!