Lilith: Embrace the Demon to Heal Trauma

Pallas Athene: Intellectual, Decisive, Strategic, and Goddess

Pallas Athene, Goddess of War, born fully armored from the forehead of her father Zeus, without interference of woman. 

I always include Pallas Athene in the chart, but I don't like her very much.  She is patriarchy's daughter, signalling the defeat of the Feminine, and complete co-opting of Divine Feminine Power by the patriarchy.

I am still working out what she means in the Divine Feminine Astrology Readings.

Then, the 2 of Swords keeps showing up in Tarot readings. In the Dark Goddess Tarot, Athena is the 2 of Air (Swords) card. 


Pallas Athene DG

From the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Now I have to pay attention. 

Two of Swords means make a decision and act now. 

That's Pallas Athene, all right.  

She stands for mental strength and problem solving.  Pallas Athene can show you where to be attentive to your mindset and where your mental powers are most potent. 

Pallas Athene is in my second house of self-esteem. I have to be vigilant in how I think and speak about myself. Pallas Athene reminds me to speak only magnificently of myself. 

One of the most challenging mindset areas I see in women is decision making. Being decisive tends to scare the hell out of some of us, probably because we don't like to say no, and YES, well the right yes can change your life!

Where she shows up in Divine Feminine Astrology Readings, she indicates where mental strength, a mindset upgrade, and discipline are most needed. Pallas Athene is solution-oriented

And she's a Goddess, the patroness of the City of Athens in Ancient Greece. A replica of her temple, the Parthenon, stands in my home state capitol of Nashville, Tennessee.

So pay attention to Pallas Athene in your chart, and do as she says. She gives backbone to the planets she's relating to in your chart. You can count on her.  She is a winner. 

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Be decisive like Pallas Athene and act now.