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The Sacred Womb Gives Birth to Christ Consciousness


Blessings and joy in this sacred time of year!

In the Northern Hemisphere, we have just celebrated the Winter Solstice, honoring the darkness of the longest night, and celebrating the return of the Light. Now we are celebrating Christmas.

The Christmas season commemorates the birth of a Child, and the Child is the center of ritual.

But the Story of Christmas is really a story of the Womb of the Divine Feminine. The Sacred Womb that gives birth to a Holy Child is a story older than Christianity. Mother Mary and her son Jesus belong to a long history of Goddesses who give miraculous birth to a Son who will change the world.

Christianity chose to negate the sexual power of the Feminine by making its Holy Mother a Virgin, who "had no sin". 

We know the truth: The Sacred Birth is the culmination of the Sacred Sexual Power of the Goddess and the God in Holy Union.

The truth is embedded in Nature and our own bodies. It is time to remember.

The Dark Night of the Winter Solstice is pregnant with the Light of the returning Sun.

The Full Moon gives birth to the manifest intentions we planted at the New Moon.

All mothers give birth to holy children with the power to change the world!

Galaxy Birth by Carla Sanders

Whatever spiritual traditions and symbols you cherish, when you hear songs of the Holy Infant, remember the Womb that carried the baby, and served as portal between the worlds for the Child to come to this time and space.

We all came here through a holy womb.


~ this Sacred Womb that is always carrying us, always birthing us, and through which we give birth to all that we make ~ Children, Art, Healing, Food, Peace.

As you enjoy the lights this holiday season, remember where you come from and honor her Darkness and Her Light: the Womb of the Divine Feminine.

I wish you a joyful day of celebration and connection to the eternal power of LOVE!

Ice drop plain

May the Light be with YOU!