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Vesta: Your Erotic Fire Fuels Your Sacred Purpose

Vesta is the Goddess the Hearth, the keeper of the sacred flame of the home and the temple. She is a Virgin goddess, representing the complete wholeness of the Divine Feminine.  

In Roman times, her priestesses were Keepers of the Eternal Flame of Rome in the Temple of Vesta. Their duty to maintain the flame was so important to the health of the state that the Vestal Virgins held high status in the Empire. 

They had to remain "virgin" on pain of death until their 30 year term of service was complete. The Goddess' power and  her priestesses were thus co-opted to maintain the power of Rome. 

Vesta DG

From the Dark Goddess Tarot by  Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

This image of Vesta emphasizes her Virgin aspect. Remember that Virgin means a " woman whole unto herself". 

She carries the Sacred Flame. The red center of the flame resembles a serpent, a clue that this fire is sourced in her erotic power.

Holding the flame in her hand implies active power. In this picture, all of the erotic energy is being channeled into the priestess function-- service and devotion. 

Vesta Archetype teaches that your sacred erotic fire feeds your spiritual life. It powers your devotion to your life purpose.

Your erotic and sexual energy belongs to you and you can use it for your nourishment and to serve and create at your highest spiritual level. 

Vesta in Astrology

Vesta is one of my favorite Goddess Archetypes in the astrology readings I give my private clients.

When I work with Vesta on a chart, I reach back to her ancient, pre-patriarchy symbolism and power. She is the Priestess, holding space, creating a passage for people to contact the sacred.  

She is also Virgin - a woman whole unto herself. Her inner hearth, her womb, contains the eternal flame of sacred devotion. 
People with strong Vesta in their natal chart, or who are in a significant Vesta transit, may be called to hold space for others healing, often within personal relationships. Strong boundaries are important, lest the Vesta person become sacrificial in devotion to the healing mission. 

The sacred erotic flame feeds and nourishes. A strong Vesta placement can point the way to your purpose and how you best serve. It can also show you how to nourish yourself and what boundaries to hold in place. 

Depending on the house and relationships to other planets, Vesta can be very specific in her guidance as you grow into your divine purpose. 

Do you feel called to a great mission, but can't see the way forward?

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Time spent with the oracle of your astrology chart and a guide to interpret the Divine Feminine archetypes present at your birth gives you clarity and insight. I help you see connections, pathways, and opportunities that are hidden by your fears or limited belief systems. I also show you where you have resources, talents, and power to support  your manifestation. 

It begins with a natal chart reading focused on the Goddess points. There are two follow up sessions to allow integration and deeper revelation so you can take action and make changes based on your reading. 

If it feels too hard to be great, Vesta can reveal an easier path

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