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The Beauty of Pollination

The Bee loving on the Honeysuckle is my Orgasmic Alchemy emblem. The Bee also symbolizes my ecosexuality. Bees pollinate and make honey, which they are often willing to share with two legged and other creatures. They are a keystone to life on earth. Yet they are not the only pollinators. Please enjoy this gorgeous film taken from a TED talk on

The Beauty of Pollination


View the full TED talk with Louie Schartzberg HERE.

And here is Maine's Own Christy Hemenway of Gold Star Honeybees sharing passionate news about bees, the environment, and beekeeping at this summer.

Ecosexual-Being Earth's Lover

What a fun week I've had! Delightful time with Clients and two chances to meet Annie Sprinkle and bask in her positive, humorous, compassionate energy, 100% infused with fun. Monday I went to Annie and Beth Stephens' presentation at Bowdoin College on their 7 year ecosexual performance art project, the Love Art Lab.

On the 27th, I went to Annie's Solo Show and Tell at the Grand where I took the Stage with Annie and a few others to receive an Aphrodite Award.

Afterward Annie and I talked shop a bit, gossiped about mutual friends, and I gave her a ceremonial art piece, a breast bowl! See some pictures below!

Here is the recording of the call I did yesterday encouraging YOU to express your ecosexuality!

Download ecosexual0427.mp3 (5905.7K)

Please do enjoy this audio and share! It's important!


Annie Sprinkle and Diva Carla

Here's the bowl I gave Annie (in use at my dinner table with grapefruit balsamic vinegars from Fiore's.

Annie bowl


Here is my Aphrodite Award!


The Story Behind my Profile Photo

Inspired by the #reverb10  writing prompt, I'd like to share the story of my profile picture.

It is from June 2009, taken by my friend Olivier Tryba. We were on a hike up Boulder Creek in the foothills of the Rockies. The Creek was swollen with snowmelt, and flowed fast and rough. This picture was taken right after I walked across a slippery bridge made of saplings wired together resting on a boulder, which one stepped on to get to a 2 x 10 inch plank. The water was roaring, splashing over the boards and rocks.

I was terrified. I don't do heights. I don't do walking over narrow slippery boards with no hand holds.

My terror turned to paralysis. I was in the middle of the Creek, frozen, unable to move, and ready to weep.

Yet turning back was not an option. This was the only way across if I wanted to go home that night. I was terrified and a touch embarrassed. Olivier, a frequent hiker in the area, had scampered across, and was waiting for me on the other side. I needed to take a big step from the saplings to the rock with the roaring river splashing between my legs, and water rushing down the mountain to my right.

I couldn't do it. I wasn't turning back but I didn't have it in me to go forward. Even scooting on my butt wouldn't work cause of the roaring water. I felt stuck and frustrated. And terrified. The physical sensations of terror in my body were sickening.

From the corner of my eye, I see a hand. Olivier has come back to the rock to give me a hand. That hand was all I needed. With something to hold onto, I could make the terrifying step to the rock. While I wasn't thrilled by the rest of the bridge, I could manage.

We resumed our walk on the other side, and O stopped. Let's take your picture, he said. You just came through something big.

Sometime this year, I'll have professional "stock photos" made for my business. But this photo will always remind me of what I am made of. Terror is not shame, it's just a feeling. The way through it is to grasp someone's hand and keep walking. Then celebrate my accomplishment.

Here's a picture called "What was I scared of?"

13 what was I scared of



Ready for the Stage!

Yes I am!

Diva Carla has entered a contest called Ready for the Stage! The prize is a chance to speak about my work on stage at the Seven live event, with David Neagle, Suzanne Evans,  Blue Melnick and Bari Baumgardner.

Here is my audition video. I'll keep you posted on my progress to the finals, and how you can support me.

I'd love your comments below! Would you like to see more video? I like making them!


Imagine the Power!

Imagine the Power if you held it full force without artifice, just pure uncut Orgasmic Power and you walk with it. ~Nut Tmu-Ankh

Last summer, Nut Tmu-Ankh and I created a teleclass called Introduction to Orgasmic Living, a Five Part Orgasmic Adventure beyond time & space into the heart & soul of Your Sexual Essence ~ Recorded Live in Sacred, Interactive Healing Space.

Click the image below to purchase your 5 audio class, Introduction to Orgasmic Living, today.


You are welcome to come back here and share your experience of Orgasmic Living in the comments.

And please, tweet, facebook, and share this gift with your friends!

I've just been listening to the Bonus Q and A in my car. The information and healing in that conversation is worth the price of the whole course.

Guest Blog: Linda White Dove


The term sacred sexuality is in a way misleading because it can be interpreted to imply that sometimes sex is sacred and sometimes it is not. As human beings we are born with certain instincts and urges such as the urge to eat when we are hungry and to sleep when we are tired. We also have a sex drive. All three of these natural urges are necessary for our survival. Food and sleep keep us alive and so the innate need for them is an important part of our being human, so much so that it the urge is automatic. Go long enough without food and your hunger increases and increases until you can think of nothing else but how hungry you are and/or you will waste away and die. In the case of sleep you will eventually fall asleep whether you consciously want to or not.

As humans, our sex drive also has a purpose. Yes, it helps us keep our species going by creating new life, but it has another purpose as well; it is a homing signal, a reminder of from where we originated and of what is important in life. In fact, our sex drive is so strong and so important to express that it will be expressed in one way or another. Even if we try to tame it, express it in only in ways we think are socially acceptable, hold it in due to shame, fear of what others will think, cultural conditioning or other reasons, it will express, just perhaps in a way that is unfulfilling or even violent in its misdirection. Sex in and of itself is not dangerous, it is how we approach it, stifle it, misdirect it and color it with our own agendas based on past experiences, beliefs, etc. that make sex seem like less than the innate, beautiful, fulfilling experience that it ultimately is.

One of the reasons we crave sex so much is because of how wonderful it feels. This is such common knowledge that it is woven into our culture in just about every way possible. It is on our minds a lot (have you ever read one of those studies asking people how often they think about sex?!) and it is even part of how many of the products we use are promoted. Sex is part of how we respond to the people around us, and based on their response to us, we form opinions about ourselves. Sex is probably part of most every interaction we have, one way or another. It is a mental process as much as a physical thing that we “do” with someone. It is a foundation for how we feel about ourselves and how we take that sense of self into the world on a day to day basis. You can even think of sex as a currency or current of energy that we exchange in how we perceive others, how we respond to them based on that perception and how we feel about ourselves as a result. And interaction and exchange takes place, even if it is very subtle.

One of the gifts of having a sex urge is that it drives us to meet that need which often brings us together with others who also wish to meet that need. In the sexual interaction, an energy (current) exchange takes place physically but it again also takes place in how we feel about ourselves and the other(s) based on the interaction. Our past experiences have created expectations of ourselves, of our partner(s) and of the experience created together. Where it falls short of fulfillment, it is easy to attribute this to something about men, women, sex, the person or people you are with or to yourself. Thus sex has the capacity to stir up a lot of baggage, which we often continually perpetuate upon ourselves and each other. When this happens, sex can feel unfulfilling both physically and emotionally. Regardless of how much sex we may be having, if it is not fulfilling, it just leaves us wanting more and more as we try to get our fill. And if we have sex while feeling lack of trust, past hurts, repressed anger, etc. it is hard to really enjoy it fully because we are closed off to what makes sex most juicy (openness to experience it). This is similar to how some people approach food or other substances or experiences. More is not necessarily better. Nor is variety in terms of partners necessarily going to bring about the fulfillment we seek, it is how we choose to experience something that makes it fulfilling and sustaining. Experiencing the sacred in sexuality is a path of sexual and life fulfillment because it helps us to experience the whole of what sex is and what we are. Once we experience this wholeness, everything can be fulfilling if we so choose. Sex is never quite the same again.

Sacred sexuality can be thought of like stopping to smell the roses. Life is full of colors, textures, small details, tastes, sounds and more that are always present when you choose to take notice. A piece of fruit can be savored for its color, shape, size, scent, texture, taste and how it is presented (among other things). Or in a hurry to feed a hunger, we can gulp it down and not notice any of this, and feeling like we are still hungry for more of something. Sacred sexuality brings our attention to what is already present in our own bodies, in the bodies of others (if you choose to share the experience with others) and in what is created between people in the moment. In this regard sex is somewhat like dancing. An exchange of current (energy) takes place that is not just two or more people, it is something in and of itself that contains and includes whoever is present as one experience together. What’s more is that as you become aware of the sensations in your own body, it has a positive impact on the body of your partner(s) and of the overall experience.

Some people equate sacred sexuality with specific types of practices and/or techniques such as those of Tantra. Tantra is one approach to sacred sexuality but there are others such as Kama Sutra, Healing Love and more. Also, sacred sexuality can be experienced and enjoyed any time a person or people chose to savor the sensations and experience of pleasure in the moment. It can be independent of any specific approach or practices. Many people find the practices/techniques to be helpful in learning how to be aware and present to what is happening in the moment instead of stuck in the mental and emotional baggage and limiting self beliefs from the past. Since this type of conditioning is so much a part of how we interact, I believe learning and using practices and techniques such as breathwork, sound, eye contact and body movements are extremely valuable and helpful. However, it is important to keep in mind that these practices and techniques are not the full picture of sacred sexuality; they are just ways to be present and open to the fullness and wholeness of the moment. Many people equate sacred sexuality with techniques and lose track of sacred sexuality in its whole and ultimate form, which is the gift of being present (presence).

When people are truly present to themselves and each other sexually, their thoughts and baggage melts away and they become aware of the life force that sustains and unites them. The experience of divinity from which they came opens inside and around them and the feeling is exhilarating and pleasurable and much more. It is as if your senses open up even more and you feel pleasure/divinity/life force in greater depth and breadth because you are open to feeling more of it. It is always there and it is limitless. Sacred sexuality opens you to more of what is always present and this openness extends beyond “having sex” to an openness in everyday life, although the sex is really wonderful and that is a great reason for sacred sexuality in and of itself!

One of the great things about sacred sexuality is that you can choose to experience it at any time. Sexuality is life force energy (current) and it is always present. With practice you will be able to feel and enjoy your sexuality any time you wish, even if you are not with any other person or not in a relationship. Sacredness is about how you perceive things, about the openness to experiencing the divine within and around you. Any time you experience life force energy, you are experiencing sexuality. And when you shift your perception to go beyond mental conditioning, baggage, etc. by being present to the sensations in the moment, you are tuning into the sacred. Sacredness and sexuality are one…if you choose to experience them as such. From the experience of sacredness and sexuality being one, you can sense the sacredness in all experiences and all people. In life and in the bedroom, sacred sexuality can include things that many people would not typically define as sacred. However, if you are open to experiencing sacredness, you will learn from experience that it is everywhere. It is life changing and ultimately I believe it is what sacred sexuality is truly about.

A friend of mine once told me that sacred sexuality is not so much about knowing the sacredness in sex, but more about knowing that sexuality is the foundation of everything sacred in life and about life. He dreams of the day when not only would sacred be used to define sexuality but sexuality would be used to define and understand sacredness. Humanity has separated itself from sexuality; and when we objectify sexuality, we objectify ourselves by cutting ourselves off from our sacred source. Sacred sexuality is about being present to the fullness, the perfection, of our experience as human beings with our hearts and senses open to the depth and breadth that life is.

Linda2_c864 Linda White Dove
Copyright 2006 Linda White Dove

~ ~ ~

Linda White Dove, M. Ed. is an awakening facilitator and writer. She is author of "Dancing Your Life," for which she is seeking a literary agent. She is also the originator of the Life Mastery Attunement and the Sexual Empowerment Attunement. For more information and more articles: and

Naked Coffee May Day

It was bound to happen! I forgot to post A Naked Coffee Friday yesterday. Beltane Celebration is the best excuse I can thing of. It has been a luscious fiery Beltane Moon.

I had a Full Moon Fire on Thursday, and a hot, steamy Full Moon dance on Friday. I woke before dawn today, May Day and made a fire outside to greet the sun, with my drum.

It's May Day and while some may have danced around a Maypole, I was working on a sculpture with Maypole energy: a commission for a vessel that looks like an erect penis, anatomically glorious. Gotta love the research! I'll post a picture next week when the sculpting is done and before I take it to the kiln.

Speaking of May Day, that is a code word for HELP! It's URGENT. Wonder how that came to be?

The effort that made me forget Naked Coffee was a May Day of sorts, and it is Urgent, the way Mother Earth's cry for help is urgent.

I have posted an Invitation for Mission Partners at my Hope Peace Ceremonies blog.

Hope Peace Ceremonies is the name given to the land in Hope where I live and work. Orgasmic Alchemy is the energy of the Land here, and is the medicine we work with for healing people and the earth.

Your Naked Coffee invitation for this morning is to read the Invitation with your morning cuppa, and find it in your heart to say YES to mission partnership with the work of Hope Peace Ceremonies. I look forward to hearing from you!

Naked Coffee Friday: Say Vagina

Through the miracle of Twitter, I found this blog post by Dr. Lissa Rankin, at her OWNING PINK blog:

WHAT? We can't say Vagina?

I knew right then I was inviting her to Naked Coffee Friday! The comments at Dr. Lissa's blog and the comments when I shared her post on facebook reveal lots of feelings people have about the word Vagina. One of the most poignant came from somewhere (can't find it now) on Dr. Lissa's blog or from her book, What's Up Down There? A woman maintains that "that word" is only for her husband to use.

Divas, we own our bodies, our sex, our virginity, our desire, our orgasm, and all the words to name and describe them. Let us free our voices and tongues and along with Dr. Lissa and all the wombn of the world, say it out loud!


The Naked Coffee Friday chant is I have a Vagina and I'm proud! Oooh! that feels GOOD!

Sing it out in the comments. (Kings, your voices are welcome to harmonize.)

You can celebrate your Vagina and her Vulva court with words, art, and ceremony, with a Vulva Portrait Ritual Bowl.


Rev. Diva Carla on the Radio

Crop Obsidian and snake Orgasmic Alchemy Tweaks Your Vibrations tomorrow!

Yes, I know, it's everyday! Tomorrow, I do it with Diva Valerie White, healer and all round magnificent radio diva.
She'll be interviewing me on her radio show Tweaking Your Vibrations on the blogtalk network.

Please tune in tomorrow at 2 pm eastern time. You can listen via web, or call in from where ever you are, and you can post questions in a chat room. I'd love to connect with you live!

If you have a previous engagment, you can always listen to the recorded version later, and ask follow up questions through the blog comments here at Orgasmic Alchemy.

Tomorrow's the day to tune in HERE.

I'm looking forward to it!