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November 20, 2006



WOW! Carla, to see THE DIVA in action is amazing! I love getting a peek into your creative world. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!

The Gourdess


I love that you shared this!

And somehow seeing your process this way has made your creations even more magikal to me...You've opened lines of inquiry I never dreamed of before...the fragility of the clay vs. the clearly articulated strength of your touch.

I'm re*minded of seeing mother crocodiles picking up and carrying newly hatched babes to the water...Those massive jaws, those razor sharp teeth, and yet all that strength iz applied to usher the new babes into their world with absolute tenderness.

I'm awestruck by the miracles of nature living and creating new life through the mother croc's jaws and through the wisdom & medicine of your potter's hands.

Did I say thank you?

Orgasmically Yours,


Thank you dear sister for the heartfelt thoughtful sharing of your process....magic is afoot for sure...and I appreciate being able to peek over your shoulder, as you create peace, art and love in our world!
All of the blessings of the Season to you,

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